Discontinued Products


Epson TMT88V Thermal Direct Receipt Printer. Auto Cutter. Parallel & USB. ESC / POS. Epson Dark Gray. Incl PSU. Fast and versatile printing up to 300mm/second.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by TM-T70II**

Epson has developed the smallest thermal receipt printer to have all its controls facing the front. Quiet, compact and space-saving, the TM–T70 is specifically designed for under–counter operations offering total ease–of–use for ultra–fast transactions.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by TM-T82IIIL SER/USB**

TM-T20 thermal receipt printer is the latest addition to Epson’s line of energy-efficient POS printers. With this economical, convenient and easy-to-use thermal receipt printer you can get up and running quickly as everything you need is in the box.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by the Nexa PX-700II**

The Nexa PX-700 is a high performance thermal receipt printer that is ideal for POS receipt printing and much more. It's combination of blisteringly fast 220mm per second max print speed, durable and reliable seiko printhead and cutter and compatibility with industry standard ESC/POS commands make the PX-700 a winner.

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PFPP8000RB / PFPP8000UB / PFPP8000PB / PFPP8000EB

Discontinued, Replacement: PP-8800

The Posiflex AURA 8000 POS Thermal Receipt Printer is a high speed direct thermal printer. It has a small streamlined design and is capable of working in harsh environments.

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Suit Citizen CTS310/CTS2000 Thermal Printers

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Discontinued: - Replacement Citizen CTS-651II

Citizen CTS-601 No I/F Black Thermal Receipt Printer. The CT-S601 the Best Value in any class. Up to 200mm/sec providing fast printing results for customers.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by the CTS-651II**

The CT-S651 the Best Value in any class! All these new features with front exit path of the Paper. 200mm/sec printing speed,easy paper loading,front paper exit,auto retracting cutter.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by PX900II Serial/USB/ETH**

The new Nexa PX-900 Thermal Receipt Printer, ideal for retail and hospitality applications. The PX-900 Receipt Printer has the bility to print from the front of the printer or the top, quieter printing, spill resistance and a cable cover.

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The Epson TM-U230 Kitchen Printer is designed especially to be ideal for the kitchen environment. With heat, solvent and liquid resistant case, dual drainage system, wall mount option and internal power supply it can handle anything the hospitality environment can throw at it. This model is Cool White with an Ethernet interface.

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The Citizen CT-S310 low-cost thermal POS printer fits perfectly in a wide variety of POS applications. It combines high-speed, two-colour printing with a compact footprint and an interchangeable interface port for a reliable, versatile printer.

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Discontinued: - Replacement Citizen CTS-851II

The CT-S851 is ideal for a variety of applications and any environment. At 300mm/second print speed, it is the "Next Best POS Printing Solution" when a front exit receipt is required.

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Discontinued, Replacement: STP103III USB/RS232

Samsung BIXOLON STP-103 is a master if you are looking for an ultimate thermal printer. The high resolution of 203 dpi x 203 dpi of this Thermal Printer prints crisp and clear documents and text. Serial interface standard of this POS Printer is selected by changing the interface cable. The user-friendly design of this Thermal Printer incorporates a small footprint and drop-and-load paper insertion. 

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Discontinued: - Replacement Bixolon SRP-F310II

The SRP-F310 is the most popular direct Thermal Printer.

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The SPP-R200 is unobtrusive and yet remains incredibly functional with its generous 58 x 40mm paper roll & printing speeds of up to 80mm per second.

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PPU-231P / PPU-231R

The CITIZEN PPU-231 is a purpose build Thermal Printer.

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Samsung Mini Printers keep at the forefront of technology and commitment to reliability with new model. Two colour thermal printing capability makes it ideal for corporate branding, highlighting specials, coupons, customer loyalty and restaurant applications.

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The SRP-350 guarantees smooth and speedy printing without any interruptions during printing. The SRP-350 is an ideal single station thermal receipt printer for Retail, Kitchen environments and Hospitality applications.


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SRP350i / SRP350iG

The SRP-350 from Samsung Bixolon is one of the fastest and most stable cash drawer printers in the world. The SRP-350 also has useful features like an on-board USB 2.0 interface that can be combined with an additional interface when required.

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The SRP-350plusII even more flexible to connect to many POS Applications in the market. The BIXOLON SRP-350plusII is a 3 inch thermal receipt printer fully featured with improved printing speed up to 250mm/sec and Smart BIXOLON software package.

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TM-T81-306 / TM-T81-302/ TM-T81-308/ TM-T81-304


 TM-T81 is ideal for retail and hospitality environments that high reliability, and quiet printing.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by TM-T82III SER/USB**

TM-T82 II is ideal for retail and hospitality environments that high reliability, and quiet printing.


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TSP143ECO - GRY - C1

**Discontinued - Replaced by TSP143III USB**

The TSP100ECO, the world’s first ECO POS receipt printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT.

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TSP100LAN FuturePRNT Receipt Printer.

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