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Aussie POS has a collection of popular barcode scanners from top brands. We are one of the largest suppliers of 2D Imaging Scanners, Handheld, cordless, single line or omni-directional scanners. Whether you need laser barcode scanners or presentation scanners, we have them all. Buy Barcode Scanners from popular brands as Nexa, Motorola, Honeywell, Posiflex, Cino, Datalogic and Cipherlab.

Barcode Scanners play a crucial role in improving the checkout efficiency. The choice of the barcode scanner depends on your business environment and the kind of barcode to be scanned. Speak to our experts for guidance on which scanner will best suit your business needs.

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Symbol LS2208 USB Barcode Scanner (Now Motorola)

The Symbol LS2208 provides fast, reliable scanning in a durable, lightweight form factor, delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Nexa LS-6150 Laser Scanner BLK Barcode Scanner.

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The NC1200 Barcode scanner is a high performance distance CCD scanner this is great value & can outperform some of the most expensive scanners on the market!
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DLC Quickscan QD2430 2D Imager.

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Nexa CM-520W CCD BT Scanner
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The Honeywell MS7580 Genesis is an area imager Omnidirectional scanner. Compact in size and high on performance it is suitable for most retail POS applications.

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The Nexa NL-1800 breaks new ground in cordless scanning! Featuring an effortless plug and play receiver and a price point unrivalled by major competitors the NL-1800 makes cordless scanning more affordable than ever before.

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The 7580 is redefining industry standards for imaging solutions.Breakthrough performance and a versatile form factor make this product suitable for environments ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to retail POS.

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**Works well with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android*** The 1660 pocket-size scanner is CipherLab's handiest solution combining the features you need in a pocket-size scanner.
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Motorola LI4278 takes 1D bar code scanning to the next level, a general purpose handheld scanner that will allow workers to scan faster and farther.



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7CI Socket Mobile Scanner 1D BT Gray. Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iTouch®) and compatible with Android, BlackBerry® and Windows® smartphones and tablets.
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The Cipherlab 1600 series combines versatility, durability and performance for maximized productivity.
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CipherLab 1663 Linear Imager Bluetooth Scanner without transponder. It s compact size makes it ideal for use with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices.

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Voyager 1202g Cordless Laser Scanner With Base & Cable.The 1202g delivers the aggressive linear bar code scanning that users have come to expect from the world-renowned Voyager family of scanners.


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USB Kit: Omni-directional, 1D, PDF,2D, black scanner (1452g2D-2),charge & communication base (CCB01-010BT-V7N), USB Type A 3.0m straight cable (CBL-500-300-S00)
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Motorola Scanner Kit CS4070 2D-SR BT Blk Lanyard
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 CipherLab 1662 Laser Bluetooth Scanner Only. It s compact size makes it ideal for use with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices.CipherLab 1662 Laser Bluetooth Scanner with USB receiver so works easily with Windows PCs. It's compact size makes it well suited to mobile applications

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The QuickScan™ QM2400 2D imager is the ideal cordless solution for multiple general purpose data collection applications such as POS Checkout,...
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Scan all 1D bar codes from practically anywhere with onboard Bluetooth® capability. The Symbol LS3578-ER rugged cordless scanner reads labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as 4 inches, delivering the widest working range of any rugged, hand-held scanner.
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Give the managers and task workers everything they need to take instant action anywhere. Pure business on the inside and smart styling on the outside, the...
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