Other Receipt Printers

We have receipt printers to suit every business and budget. Choose from a great range of Citizen, Echo or HSP7000 Series Receipt Printers. Ships Anywhere in Australia! Unmatched Customer support, Call 1800 730 846 Now !!
$119.00 $99.00 (Inc GST)

Citizen Systems makes the most of its precision equipment technologies in the development of dot impact printers, drawing on its formidable strengths in this area to offer products that satisfy customers’ dot impact printing needs fully and accurately.


$228.00 (Inc GST)

 Citizen LT380  Thermal Receipt Printer. Super thin ACS-230/-220/-240 easily installed on various small printers.


$261.00 (Inc GST)

Despite the growth in demand for thermal printers, dot impact printers are still most appropriate for many applications and worldwide demand remains strong. Particularly well-suited to plain paper printing, they are indispensable for check and validation and other such applications. And 3.6 lines/sec speed printing, 2 color printing, and 76mm paper width.