Discontinued Products


Samsung Mini Printers keep at the forefront of technology and commitment to reliability with new model. Two colour thermal printing capability makes it ideal for corporate branding, highlighting specials, coupons, customer loyalty and restaurant applications.

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The SRP-350 guarantees smooth and speedy printing without any interruptions during printing. The SRP-350 is an ideal single station thermal receipt printer for Retail, Kitchen environments and Hospitality applications.


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SRP350i / SRP350iG

The SRP-350 from Samsung Bixolon is one of the fastest and most stable cash drawer printers in the world. The SRP-350 also has useful features like an on-board USB 2.0 interface that can be combined with an additional interface when required.

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The SRP-350plusII even more flexible to connect to many POS Applications in the market. The BIXOLON SRP-350plusII is a 3 inch thermal receipt printer fully featured with improved printing speed up to 250mm/sec and Smart BIXOLON software package.

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Discontinued, Replacement: STP103III USB/RS232

STP-103 Printer with RS232 Interface Ivory Thermal POS Receipt Printer.

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Discontinued, Replacement: STP103III USB/RS232STP-103 Printer with RS232 Interface Thermal POS Printer-(Cash Drawer Port, Dark Grey).
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The SRP-350 is the most popular direct thermal printer of the BIXOLON Samsung mini printer line-up throughout the world. The SRP-350Plus is the next generation in the SRP-350 Range. It's improvements include an increase of printing speed, colour printing, standard fitted with USB 2.0 interface plus a 2nd interface.

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**Discontinued - Replaced by BIXOLON SRP350 Plus III**

Bixolon SRP-350IIOBE USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

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