Windows OS Tablet/Desktop

Although iOS  & Android are getting popular, Microsoft Windows has pretty much dominated the digital business age and is still a major player. If you’re looking for a new Point of Sale for Windows, Kounta is what you’re looking for.

If you’re already running some kind of Windows POS, switching to Kounta is super easy. You do not need to replace the computer or legacy hardware you’ve already got for a checkout counter. Access Kounta through your web browser! You can add tablets and keep your lines down by taking the sales out to the floor. Windows POS software has never been easier!!

Windows POS Features

  • No need to invest in new hardware and training: use the computers you’ve been working on for years
  • Works with Google Chrome and Apple Safari, the two most advanced browsers today
  • The POS itself runs in our data center, eliminating the need for you to host servers, make backups, or get frustrated
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