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Cino F-790 Wifi Linear Imaging Scanner with charging cradle, Power Supply

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A World-Class Wi-Fi barcode scanner for enterprise wireless connectivity. Cino's F-790WD FuzzyScan Wi-Fi barcode scanner creates a leap in efficiency and productivity. It can be easily integrated into an existing enterprise wireless network infrastructure with minimum effort. Through the perfect collaboration of 2” colour display, virtual keyboard and integrated keypads, the user not only can confirm the accuracy and the successful transmission of scanned data, but also can manipulate the configurations and data-entry with ease. The Cino Wi-Fi barcode scanner is the most cost-effective solution to fulfil various applications which need reliable and expandable wireless connectivity.F-790 with charging cradle, Power Supply and USB Cable.
Main Features :
  • Solid State Linear Imager Technology, No moving parts!
  • Enterprise-class 802.11b/g wireless Connectivity
  • Supports latest wireless LAN security: WEP, WPA and WPA2
  • Built-in 2” crystal clear colour display
  • two function keys and a navigation key
  • Smartphone-like virtual keyboard is available to fulfil comprehensive alphanumeric data entry
  • Blue link and 2-colour status indicators for clear operator feedback
  • Built-in vibrator is ideal for noisy and quiet environments
  • Host acknowledgement function guarantees the data integrity for online real-time transmission
  • Optional input fields and transmission sequence are available for batch operation
  • Long range model and high performance with laser aimer model are available
  • Ultimate WaveCentre software for robust application development


Cino FBC790-Brochure (f790wd_brochure.pdf, 1,048 Kb) [Download]

Specifications (f790wd_Specifications.pdf, 40 Kb) [Download]