Topaz Top-LBK57GC Signature Capture Pad

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The SigGemColor 5.7 is an advanced biometric electronic signature pad with 5.7 inch, full-color TFT VGA (640 x 480) LCD that captures and displays 'electronic ink' under the pen tip for a natural signature. Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes which enable users to navigate screens, read agreements, and select preferred options before signing.
Main Features:
  • Signature Capture Pad
  • Active Electromagnetic
  • 5.7 LCD Display TFT VGA 640x480
  • LCD backlight
  • Data Conversion Rate 377 pps
  • Simultaneous view of electronic signature on LCD pad


T-LBK57GC (SigGemColor57_brochure.pdf, 132 Kb) [Download]