Posiflex CD-3860 with Standard RS-232 DB9F Cable, Black Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

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The Posiflex CD-3860 offers a longer range scanning capability, from 0 to 300 mm covering a wide range of scanning distances with an inexpensive price. Fast scanning rate up to 330 scans per second, it satisfies a retailer?s busy checkout needs. With large trigger button and ergonomic design, CD-3860 helps the retailer operate in an effortless way.
Main Features :
  • Handheld Linear Imager Scanner
  • 1D long-range handheld CCD scanner
  • CCD scanner with large trigger for handy operation
  • Most 1D barcodes decoding support including GS1 DataBar
  • Depth of Field : 0 ? 300 mm
  • Scan rate : 330 scans per second for single-line scanning
  • Adjustable stand for hand-free scan
  • Light weight only 120 g (Body), drop resistance 1.5 meter
  • Interface support : PS/2, RS-232C, HID USB, USB virtual COM port
  • with Standard RS-232 DB9F Cable (May need Power adaptor), Black


Brochure (cd3860.pdf, 90 Kb) [Download]

Specification (CD-3860_Specification.pdf, 51 Kb) [Download]