Pole Display : Bixolon BCD1000D / BCD 1000DG / BCD 1000DU / BCD 1000DUG

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BIXOLON BCD-1000 is powerful Vacuum Fluorescent Customer Display which provides a wide viewing angle, long life, high reliability and high display quality. It is designed to improve image and service with an enhanced customer display, featuring modules PC-based POS applications.

Main Features :

  •    Vacuum Fluorescent Display with display 20 columns and 2 lines
  •     Blue-green fluorescent colour is easy on the eyes
  •     The display panel is movable so that it can be adjusted for the best viewing angle
  •     Selective Pole length
  •     RS232 or USB interface
  •     The self-test function checks the circuit board and performs each function for diagnostic purposes    
  •      The user-defined and international character sets are standard


Pole Display :BIXOLON BCD1000 series (Bixolon_BCD_1000_series.pdf, 366 Kb) [Download]