Mounting Solutions : Telehook 30"-60" Tilt Swing Arm Kit

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The Telehook Full Motion High Weight Swing Arm is a highly flexible wall mount for medium to large LED, LCD and Plasma Televisions. The arm allows the screen to be extended from the wall and rotated to the required viewing angle. The detachable (lockable) display head allows for tilt and levelling adjustment. The high quality finish and enhanced security make this product suitable for both home and commercial installation.
  • Includes Tilt Bracket & Swing Arm.
  • Supports 30" to 60" displays at a max
  • weight of 60kg
  • with 10 years manufacturer Warranty.
Multimedia Code : 13TH-30-60-SAU
Manufacturer Code : TH-3060-SAU


Telehook 30"-60" Tilt Swing Arm Kit (Atdec_Catalog_AU_Full_web_opto_280612.pdf, 5,034 Kb) [Download]

Telehook 30"-60" Tilt Swing Arm Kit (new-products-insert-AU.pdf, 647 Kb) [Download]