Keyboards : Cherry Medical Washable Keyboard

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Keyboards used in hospital and healthcare environments have been recognized as a highly susceptible source of cross contamination. CHERRY’s J84-2800 Series keyboard allows quick and easy sanitation, ensuring that infection control procedures can be carried out without disruption to patient care and without costly hardware downtime.
Key Features
  • Unique easy-to-wipe keytop, ideal for a range of commercial antibacterial cleaning wipes and cloths 
Clean key
  • Prevents data from being sent while the keyboard is wiped down, allowing user to clean at any interval with minimal downtime
  • User is notified of lock down mode by flashing LEDs 
Fully sealed
  • Completely sealed rubber casing
  • Suitable for rinsing and immersion with cleaning and disinfection fluids 
Tactile keyswitch
  • Extended 1.5mm key travel
  • Allows comfortable data entry performance 
with 2 years manufacturer Warranty
Multimedia Code: 14J84-2800BLUP


Cable Length

• Approx. 79”

• Approx. 2 M

Key Layout

• Compact size 104 Key US layout With Clean Button


• Approx. 1.2 kg

Key life

• 3 million operations


• USB 2.0

Operating Temperature

• 0°C to +50°C


• 100 %