Casio UP400 Ethernet Printer

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The serial, drop-in load printer designed with Epson emulation allows it to be used with any of the Casio and other manufacturers ECR /POS products. Casio’s reputation for reliable and durable products is carried over to the UP-400 while adding the convience of an ethernet port for network printing.

  • Dot pitch 8 dot per mm
  • Printing Speed : 210 mm/sec. or /56 lines/sec.
  • Printing Columns : 60 column/line and 46 columns/line
  • Paper width and diameter : 80mm x 80mm
  • Feed Speed : 220 mm/sec.
  • Auto cutter
  • Barcode Printing
  • 12 Months Warranty


Casio UP400-Brochure (qt400.pdf, 235 Kb) [Download]

Specifications :UP400 (Specifications__up400.pdf, 144 Kb) [Download]